Sunday, May 02, 2010

This weeks Sunday Planet Saver is.......

Green grass & no gas!
I'm tipping my hat to my sweetie, Ben for this weeks Planet Saver.

Here's why......

1.  The Grass is Greener: 
Ben loves to buy new tools, or toys as he lovingly refers to them.  This week he purchased this new toy, a push lawn mower.  Less maintenance for him, less pollutants for the planet.  Plus there's the added benefit of no gasoline to purchase so this one will pay for itself!

New soil with compost

2. Going and Growing Organic:
Since late winter this year Ben has been bringing home lovely 4 way soil with compost for our garden beds!  Now he's an organic gardener too!

3.  Fresh Air Fabulous:
He put his carpentry skills to work building and installing a beautiful screen door for our kitchen entrance.  Now we've got Eco air conditioning!

It's not Halloween, but still gotta wear a mask
4. Smart Soil:

Ben added vermiculite to the soil for our dahlias.  Yep, that's good for the planet because it conditions the soil and holds moisture.  That means less watering used for flowers.  And even though you need to wear a respirator when mixing it into the soil to keep from breathing the dust particles, it is actually a naturally occurring mineral.

5. Righteous Recycling:
Here you can see Ben working on a cedar round he's been hanging onto for several years.  And he is recycling it into a new bed to hold a dahlia planting.  
First a slice down the center with the chain saw.

Next he pulled out the axe and chops out the center pieces.  They won't go to waste though because Ben is chopping those for kindling for our woodstove.

Once the inner stump was removed, it formed a cute flower bed.  The lines of this bed mirror the lines of the rocky outcropping behind it. The big cedar rounds came from a neighbor who had to take the tree out when building his home due to the heart rot in the tree. And because it's only the good cedar used for the flower bed it's naturally rot resistant!

So there are my  top 5 reasons that this weeks Planet Saver is my wonderful partner and buddy.  Way to go Ben!


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