Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Vacation check in

Hello from vacation-ville! 

I've been away from the blog and my bags for a couple of months now and I thought I better check in with a post to let all of you know what's been going on.

Mostly this vacation has been a working one.  My garden is growing and it's lovely, but there's always Lot's to be done to get the plants growing and then of course the harvesting and preserving of the herbs and vegetables as they come ripe.  This year I'm venturing into some gourmet preserves like pickled baby pea pods & Lummi Island Capers made from nasturtium seeds 
The TOOL show ROCKED!!!!

Not to worry though, I've gotten some downtime too.  Ben and I recently went to see my favorite band of all time, TOOL, in concert at Key Arena in Seattle.  What a fun time and a much needed quality time get away!

Sunset walks
We've also spent a lot of sunsets at the beach on the west side of the island and had some great visits with friends & family. 

Officially I'll be on my vacation until after Labor Day in September, but from now until then I will try to post once a week or so. As for new FatBottomBags, look for some posts in the fall with photos and fun recycling ideas too!

I hope you are having a lovely summer too! Enjoy!


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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time - looking forward to seeing your new ideas in September!

    Jane xx


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