Sunday, December 27, 2009

After the holidays.....

Well Christmas came and went and still no new baby yet.  We're waiting on the arrival of my son Daniel's first baby.  She was due on 12/23, but I guess no one told her that was the day she was to be born, because she's apparently not quite ready yet.  We had hoped for Christmas eve and had our fingers crossed for Christmas, but no luck on either day.  So it's all a waiting game for now.

This morning Ben and I made a trek up to Snoqualmie Falls to see how the water was running up there.  Since we were already here in Carnation at my Mom's house it was just a short drive up the hill.  A great morning for it.  The sun is shining and even on this chilly winter morning there were still quite a few folks up enjoying the beauty of the falls. This water fall is a 268 ft drop, so the view is spectacular.   If you're ever in the Seattle area, be sure to add this on your to do list!

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