Monday, December 07, 2009

Early Presents!

I love the holidays!  So much goodwill and time to spend enjoying the company of good friends and family.  I'm not big on fancy gifts and the like, I'm more of a homemade kinda girl.  That said, I got the greatest early christmas present from my honey!

I've been whining about my lost camera for months now.  Yes I had a back up, but that old 4 mega pixel cannon just wasn't cutting it for my needs.  Well poor Ben's been hearing about this nearly every day.  Today will be the last day of that though.

My early Christmas present was a brand new wonderful 12 megapixel camera!  I've been playing with it all evening and I think I'm going to be very happy with this new tool.  Especially with my new granddaughter arriving in the world soon!  I just can't wait to be that photo snapping, flash bulb popping grandma!!!!

Happy, but tired me, in high definition.  LOL!

My Hero!

Echo is back in the limelight!

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