Thursday, January 21, 2010

Signs of Spring

I almost feel guilty writing this blog..... most of the country has been experiencing heavy snows this last month yet I'm out in my garden in a balmy 50 degree January heat wave finding signs of spring.

Usually I'm over joyed to see the end of winter heralded by the new growth around my yard, but this year I'm nervous. It's only January. There's a lot of winter left on the calendar, but don't tell my plants that. They're ready to grow!

Here's a sedum already popping up with new growth

My biggest concern is that all this tender new growth is going to get hit by a freeze later in the season.  Where I live March can be a deep freeze some years.  Will this be one of those years?  It's hard to say, but if that does happen I'll be kissing all my spring flowers on my shrubs goodbye.  Like this azalea, it's ready to pop right now! 

Azelea buds ready to bloom.  Apparently no one told them this is winter!

This salal may bloom before the bees get here :(
As I was strolling about the yard looking for these buds and signs of growth, I was overcome with a heavenly scent.  What is that?  Oh it's this mystery plant I have out there in the back garden.  It's fragrance is so sweet, like a hybiscus.  This little shrub always blooms first in my yard in the earliest spring.  Usually that's happened at the end of February to beginning of March.  Not this year!  This unassuming burst of sweetness is in full bloom right now! 

Can you identify my mystery shrub?

Well, even if it's too early, I am enjoying these glimpses of spring to come in my garden.  It may even be a good time to plant peas?

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