Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday morning: Mom's coming and making mesh pot scrubbers

Hello and happy Saturday.  Today I'm rushing about trying to get the house cleaned up in preparation for a visit with my mom.  You know how that goes ladies?  Mom's coming, quick, get the chores done!  LOL!  Just like when I was a kid.  I guess some things never change

Today's recycling and living green post is one I did as a guest post over at Going Green Crafters and Artists.  Hop on over there and learn how to make your own pot scrubbers from recycled/repurposed plastic mesh produce bags.  It's easy and 1 mesh bag makes 1 pot scrubber!

Or if you are not the crafty sort, keep you eye on the FatBottomBags STORE.  I'll be selling these along with some other fun and useful recycled items in the near future to go along with my recycled bags!

Have a great weekend!

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