Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What's growing on? 2/2/10

Take a walk with me won't you?  Let's see what's growing on in my organic gardens.  This year everything's making an early arrival due to our mild winter weather.

First let's stop and check in on my worm bin.  Looks like these red wrigglers are doing just fine.  They work non-stop for me turning my kitchen waste and junk mail into wonderful compost. 
How is the back bed doing?  It looks like the ground cover I planted last year is taking off! These little ajugas are so pretty with their red leaves and in another month or so we'll be seeing them show off their pretty purple/blue bloom stalks.  I can't wait!
I wonder how the green house is doing?  Looks great!  We've got lettuce that's nearly ready and carrots just sprouting up too.  They'll have a big head start on the spring plantings.
Seeing the Lemon balm up and growing got me thinking about my homemade salsas.  And suprise, there's a little cilantro that volunteered in last years salsa garden!
This brussels sprout plant has been growing since last spring.  I think I may have to read some hints about how to make them grow properly.  Still no sprouts, but at least the plant is starting to look better.
A couple of little pretties are coming up around the yard too.  I'm excited to watch this seedling Daphne develop into a small tree.  It's about 2 years old now.  I think in about 10 years it will be a real show piece. 

It's a nice enough day, I should be out pruning my many ferns in anticipation of this years new growth.  Normally I wait until March to do that, so I think I'll give it at least another week before I tackle that project.  Also don't want to till any of the soil yet even though it's a tempting day.  It's still much too wet and this would break down the natural enzymes in my healthy soil. 

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