Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crafters going green all while expressing creativity!

Crafting is such a great way to express our unique and individual creativity while making useful items for your friends and family.
Over on FatBottomBags facebook page we've been talking about the many different ways that crafters are recycling everyday items for use in craft. We've had so many great ideas that we'd like to share! I'll be writing an ongoing blog with different ideas and links, instructions and pictures when possible.

These ideas are from Runway Crochet who makes beautiful handmade crochet items.

Use stiff polystyrene foam from packaging to make great blocking boards for crocheted items. Simply shape your wet crochet item and pin in place against the styrofoam. Allow to air dry. When you remove the item from the styrofoam it will be nicely shaped.

Recycle cotton wadding from vitamin bottles and use it as stuffing for small items like crocheted buttons. It holds up better than polyfill, it's a natural material and it holds up well after much use!

Samantha, who does beautiful beadwork that can be found at had a great recycle project that you can craft from your junk mail, old magazines, and even old phonebooks. She's making paper beads! These beads are pretty, fun to make and they're recycled! There's a great how to DIY article for making your own beads over at

Kristy at shows us how crafting and recycling go hand in hand. She has all kinds of great ideas, how to's and DIYs on her blog. My favorite one is her 4-ply spun brown plarn She's combined plastic bag colors to make an absolutely gorgeous varigated yarn from plastic shopping bags. Another thing Kristy's up to at her blog is her 30 day challenge. She's going 30 days of crafting with items she has around her home. Cool!

These are just a few recycle ideas. There are many more to come. If you have some ideas for crafts using recycled everyday items, please drop me a note Include pictures, instructions, or links to websites and I will include in the next Recycle Craft Blog

Remember when we all do our small part we really can change the big picture!

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