Friday, October 09, 2009

Ears to you and other corniness

This morning we got up and got right to work to finish our corn freezing project.  Ben started cutting up bags to use in the Foodsaver vacuum packer.

We tried using our handy corn kernel device, but it broke on the first try.  Some kitchen gadgets just aren't worth their cost. So I went back to the "old fashioned" way.  With a sharp knife in hand, I started cutting the kernels off the corn ears.

It was a bit of work, but worth the effort.  Box after box came out of the fridge and I sliced away.

After about another hour and a half of cutting, I'd hit the end of the corn.  Boy, 90 ears of corn is a lot when it's all cut up too!  I filled the large restaurant pan and small canner with kernels.

Ben worked on the packaging end.  After he made all the bags for vac-packing, he filled them with a little over 1cup each.  We figured that was about perfect size for the 2 of us.  Each bag was double sealed on both ends.  That way just in case 1 seal failed we still would keep our corn fresh frozen and delicious!

The vac-packed bags built up quick and then went right into the freezer.

Here's the cobs that we had at the end of the process.  As usual, we found a good way to reuse them.  They're going to our friends farm to feed his cows on the bit of corn that's left in the cobs! 

I admitt that this project of preserving corn for the freezer took a bit more work than what I anticipated.  I still think it will be worth it though!  Now we'll be having sweet summer fresh tasting corn throughout the winter.  I'm even planning on making some for Thanksgiving dinner.


I heard tonight could be our first frost of the season, so ran out this morning and cut my dahlias that were in bloom.  Now whether the forcast is right or wrong we can have beautiful cut flowers for 2 weeks.

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