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Vinegar..... The miracle GREEN product in your cupboard!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From smog in the air we breathe, to BPA in our bottled drinking water, our modern world seems to be bombarding us with toxins. One small step we can take in our homes is to replace many of the household chemicals we use and replace them with eco-friendly and non-toxic substitutes. Vinegar is one of the best!

Here's a short list of uses for good old fashioned distilled white vinegar.

Weeds plaguing your yard or driveway? Instead of Round-up or some other harsh weed killer try using full strength vinegar. This tried and tested method to kill unwanted plants and weeds really works. Be sure to be careful not to spill on plants that you love. The natural high acid content in the vinegar will cause the plant to die. This may take a repeat application if after 1 week you see new growth, but it does work!
Need a little more time on a winter morning? Instead of scraping the ice from your windshield in the a.m. try this. At night coat the outside of your car windows with a solution of 3 parts venegar and 1 part water. You'll be thrilled when you gain time for an extra cup of coffee before heading out to work.

Chrome looking dull? Don't waste your hard earned money to buy fancy chrome sprays that may be harmful to the environment,. Instead simply douse a soft cloth in full strength vinegar and rub on your chrome. Shiny, clean and eco-friendly!

Your organic lettuce hard to clean? Add a drop or 2 to rinse water and any bugs that hitchhiked in on your harvest will float out in the rinse.

Eggs cracking when you boil them? Add 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to the water and this will prevent the cracking.

Extra greasy dishes? Add a Tablespoon of vinegar to hot soapy dish water and it will cut through the grease easily and eliminate odors too!

Don't do windows? You'll change your mind when using this amazing cleanser. Simply combine 1/4 Cup of vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of dishsoap and 2 Cups of water in a spray bottle. Windows clean to a streak free shine with ease.

Looking for a good GREEN all purpose cleaner? Easy. mix equal parts of water and vinegar. This cleanser is great for kitchen and bath and causes no harm to the environment.

So take that small step and replace some of your household chemicals with vinegar solutions. You'll save money, your health and best of all you'll be saving the planet!

Remember when we all do our small part, we can change the big picture!

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