Monday, October 05, 2009

Technological meltdown: Crisis Averted!

Did you miss me?  Wonder why your email didn't get answered, no tweets and no facebook posts?  Well turns out it's been a rough run for me with technology.

As you heard in my last blog, I somehow managed to misplace my camera.  I've spent a good part of the week sorting through different drawers, boxes and pockets but to no avail.  And if that wasn't enough of a problem, on Friday night my modem went out!

Now I don't like to think of myself as an addict, but let's just say I have a somewhat obsessive relationship with my computer.  3 days with no access to my email was like being on another planet!  Every few hours I caught myself wondering what interesting and important messages I might be missing.

The first day of "Christi unplugged" went well.  I had a lovely visit with my dad and his wife Margy in the afternoon.  It was a great chance for us all to catch up as it's been a few years since we've had a chance to get together.  We caught up on the family news and what's going on with my sister and borther.  It was great to have some time for family!  We've kept in touch more regularly through email and the occasional card and such, but in person visits are so much nicer!

They also brought up a donation from themselves and another family of bags to be recycled.  Talk about perfect timing!  I'd just hit the bottom of my closet of donated bags and was working up the nerve to go snag some out of the recycle bin at my local grocer!  So their donation brings me up to a total of 18 families that I'm recycling for.  At FatBottomBags we're growing every week!

Speaking of FatBottomBags, they not only brought donations, but they both bought me out of bags that I had made!  Their getting ready for the gift giving season and had a few environmentally friendly folks on their lists.

After their departure, I would normally have run right up to the computer room to update my storefront, check my email, maybe tweet about some eco friendly links.  That was not an option with a bad modem.  So instead, I gathered up the dog and headed out to see what the locals were up to.

First I stopped by a friends and caught the end of the Huskies vs Notre Dam game.  A brutal disappointment with the defeat in overtime!  After we commisserated about the game for awhile our conversation turned to my bad tech week.  Normally I try not to complain *too much* when things go awry, but being unplugged from my computer friends made me feel like that scene in the Matrix when Neo takes the pill and is literally unplugged. Anyway, it turns out that my friend had just purchased a new digital camera and still had a functional older digital camera that he kindly lent me until I can locate mine or purchase an upgrade.  Funny how somethings work out like that and let me tell you, having a camera back in my pocket eased my unsettled nerves substantially!

I woke up bright an early on Sunday morning excited to have the option to post pictures again and took this photo of the 2 bags that I have still have available for sale:

Now all I had to do was figure out what to do to solve the old modem problem.  In the mean time I took the dog to the beach, visited several friends and even had a late supper with some friends here on the rock. Here's the photos I captured as Echo the ecodog and I enjoyed the sunset at the beach!

I guess the lessons learned here are:

  1. I can live without the technology on which I have come so dependent on (for a few days anyway)

  2. My friends don't all live inside of my computer, some live right down the road

  3. There's always a beautiful beach and sunset waiting at the end of the day

  4. Things always seem to work out in the end

So as I said in the title of this posting Crisis averted! I'm back in the technology. Now I just have to spend some time catching up on my email and then time to start making some new FatBottomBags!

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