Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green for the holidays - a free FatBottomBag giveaway

Here come the holidays!
It's only October 13th and you may not be ready to face the fact that the holidays are right around the corner. I know I was shocked to see the holiday lights and ornaments already out for sale at my local department store. That got me to thinking, even though there are still 75 days until Christmas, a lot of us are already working on our gifts for friends and family. With the economy what it is and all of us tightening our belts I wanted to run another giveaway for a free FatBottomBag. It's a perfect gift for your eco-friendly friends.

The Details:

I will be running this giveaway through December 1st. To qualify for the drawing you will need to:

  1. Become a fan of FatBottomBags on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter or Follow me on Blogger
  2. Post a link to the giveaway page at www.FatBottomBags.com/id18.html in your status message on either facebook or twitter mentioning the free bag giveaway
  3. Facebook users: Post a comment on the fanpage completing this sentence,
          "I am going Green for the holidays by _______________________"

          Twitter users: Post an @FatBottomsBag message completing this

          "I am going Green  for the holidays by _______________________"
          Bloggers: Post a blog about FatBottomBags holiday giveaway
          and how you are going green for the holidays and email link for
          your Blog to mailto:info@FatBottomBags.com

It's that simple to enter to win a free FatBottomBag in time for the holidays! One winner will be selected on December 1, 2009 and announced on Facebook, Twitter and on my Blog at http://fatbottombags.blogspot.com/

The winner will then choose their free bag from the available bags at the time of the drawing from FatBottomBags On-line Store Free bag will be shipped by US Priority Mail *(I'll pay the shipping) and should arrive to the winner with pleanty of time for holiday gift giving.

FatBottomBags are made from recycled plastic shopping bags.  I recycle for 19 families and together we've kept over 4000 (and counting) plastic bags from going into the wastestream!

Here's some of the bags that I've made and sold in the past.  Each bag is unique and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


  1. I follow you on blogger! Thanks for the giveaway


  2. Hi Desiree!

    I'd love to get you entered in the contest. Be sure to comment or blog and let everyone know how you are going green for the holidays!

    Thanks for the follow too!


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