Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween is always more fun when shared with children.  My son, Daniel,  is 18 now and starting a life and family of his own.  Next year we'll be having a first halloween for my granddaughter!  Over the years, Daniel & I have had loads of fun dressing up, trick or treating and carving pumpkins.

I'm a crafty sort and so most years I tried to make Daniel's costumes.  My favorite year was 1993.  Daniel was like most young boys of that time, enamored of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That year he chose to dress up as Michaelangelo. 

Here's Daniel telling his Tia all about how
Michaelangelo would protect us when we went
out after dark.  That's me in the background
putting the finishing touches on the costume. 

In early October, we took a trip to the fabric store and found a fabulous pattern for his costume.  With the help of my sister, Heather, I completed the costume in time for the October 31 festivities.  What a great year.  We paraded cute little Daniel around to all of our local friends and family and then to the mall for some more trick or treats!

OMG!  So adorable!

Daniel's costume was a hit!  This was one of my earliest sewing projects and I was so proud of the outcome. He wore that costume all night and wanted to wear it for months after Halloween was over.  In fact, he kept the stuffed shell for years after that using it as a bed pillow.

My nephew Thomas and I showing off our jack-o-lanterns

Rockin halloween!

This year Thomas was Link and Sammi was the Grim Reaper!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Heather!

Samantha helping get the candies ready for the kids

Aubrei after having her Halloween candy last year

Mark showing off his beautiful daughter
wonder woman

Here's to all of you with little ones! Though it can be stressful, please remember to cherish days like today, because they pass quickly and little ones are soon grown and having little ones of their own.  Have a safe and happy halloween!

The scariest thing about this halloween is realizing how quickly the
kids have grown up!

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  1. lol! :) They're really adorable! :)

    Awesome costume, I'd love a pillow like that too!! :)

    My Mum made lots of costumes for us too, we have Carnival for Mardi Gras though here in Slovenia (February/March), we loved going round the houses to get candies, donuts or money too! :)


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