Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Mini-bag recycling exchange program

Today I'm cutting up a stack of colored bags and sorting them to prepare for my 4 ferry ride trip tomorrow.  All that time on boats will be good time to work on some new bags for the upcoming holidays.

I finally finished another Mini-bag!  This one is going to Mattie in Washington who sent me 60 bags in yellow, dark brown and a couple of different blues.  It's so exciting to open a package of those colored bags and get my inspiration flowing for my next FatBottomBag!

If you want to exchange bags with me for a free Mini-bag here's the details from my website:

A lot of FatBottomBags fans have approached me with requests to send in their own bags to be recycled.  I'm currently recycling for 20 different local families.  This keeps me well supplied in white and tan bags with an occasional colored bag or 2.  

It didn't really make environmental sense to have too many bags sent to me from across the country.  Hopefully everyone has access to drop those bags off for recycling in their local area.  If you don't know where to take yours check on the recycle finder at the bottom of the blog. 

After receiving repeated requests I decided it was important to come up with some kind of incentive program.  So I've set up this Mini-bag recycling exchange.

If you send me 60 clean, colored plastic shopping bags I will send you 1 Mini-bag by 

Mini-bags are great for reusable lunch sacks or use it as a small handbag to carry your keys, wallet etc.

Each Mini-bag will be a unique handcrafted creation with a signed and  numbered certificate of authenticity and each Mini-bag will be similar in size and style, but coloring will vary.

To participate:
   *Send only clean plastic bags in any color except white (If you're including tan bags, please only send up to half of them in tan and the rest in other colors).  The bags should be of similar weight as your typical plastic grocery bag. Overly stretchy or thick bags are very difficult to crochet with.    *Include your name, email address and shipping address
   *Allow up to 2 weeks to receive your Mini bag.

I will send you an email when I receive your contribution for recycling  and another when I mail out your Mini-bag

Mail your bags to:

                        c/o Christi Spangler
                        2843 Aiston Creek
                        Lummi Island, WA 98262

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