Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't waste your waste! Become a Worm Wrangler.

Ok gardeners and other green people are you still throwing your food waste in the garbage?  Stop that!  Don't waste your waste!  Become a Worm Wrangler.

Do you know that the average American household produces about 5lbs of garbage everyday?  I wonder how much we could reduce that by simply composting our food waste.  It might even lower your garbage bill!

I started coralling crawlies last fall when I set up my wonderful Worm Factory Worm Bin.  I love this company for making their worm bins from  post consumer recycled materials and they're here in my local area. Also the lifespan of these bins is supposed to be about 70 years and it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Worm Factory Worm bins rock!!!

Here's some fun facts about worms:
  • Wrangling Red Wiggler Worms is called Vermiculture
  • Worms eat up to 1/2 of their body weight eachday, so if you've got a pound of worms they'll eat a 1/2 pound of your food waste everyday!
  • Worms in bins should receive a mix of 1/2 food waste and 1/2 fiber, so worms can eat your junk mail and shredded documents!
  • Worms process your compost much faster in a worm bin than in a regular compost bin and takes a lot less work than turning a compost pile.
  • Garden plants grow faster and fuller when fertilized with worm tea!
  • You can use worm bins indoors or out! So even apartment dwellers can raise red wigglers.
  • Mixing finished worm compost into your potting soil makes houseplants healthy and happy
  • Worms will reproduce in your worm bin but they'll regulate themselves based on the environment and amount of available food and space!  Watch this short film from Isabella Rosellini to learn more about worm reproduction

Here's a peek at my healthy happy worms.

I love my worm bin so much I even made my own video about it this summer.

Here's Fat Red Worms

There are a few things that worms won't eat and should not be placed in your worm bin.  They're not too picky, but worms will not eat onions, citrus rinds, and jalepenos or other hot peppers.

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