Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kojo designs has a free giveaway for November!

I'm following Kojodesigns blog because she's making a lot of really cute clothes for little girls.   She's done a fantastic tutorial to show us all how we can make our own ruffled dress from a Tshirt!

If you're crafty, this is a pretty, quick and easy conversion project.  If you're a little less than crafty or you are like me and have a back log of projects, you may want to sign up for your chance to win one of these little cuties!

For the month of November she's running a fabulous FREE GIVEAWAY!  One lucky winner will receive one of these cute little dresses!  You can choose your size from newborn to 3 T with 6 color choices!

 I've signed up for my new granddaughter (expeted to join us on December 23rd).  Who will you sign up for?


  1. Thanks Anna! I love it too. Fit's perfectly for my blog. I found it here butterfly girls blog designs


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