Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stormy days

Brr!  Stormy and cold, but this view is always beautiful!

A storm can be a gorgeous thing.  I mean yeah, it's a pain when the power goes out and tree limbs form an obstacle course on these narrow island roads, but mother nature can slow down your normal pace and "force" you to have a beautiful day!

After we got the fire burning in the woodstove and made sure the generator was ready for action, we jumped in the car to take a tour and see if there was any damage around the island.  We lucked out at our home, no trees down, no big limbs down, just dancing trees on the hillside.  So pretty!

Not all of our neighbors were so lucky.  Down the road a piece, a car was completely covered by a large cedar tree.  The car took some serious damage.  Thankfully no one was hurt!  Hopefully their insurance will take care of the costs.   

We did the bloop, noting all the new downed trees and such. Then driving home we got stuck in an island traffic jam!  Less than a mile from home we saw a line of about 6 stopped cars.  That's odd!  As we pulled up to the end of the jam, we could see a line down across the roadway and a concerned neighbor was flagging all traffic in both directions to stop.  The worry was this line could be live still.  Yikes!  

We turned the car around and headed down to the Beach Store Cafe.  They've got a generator!  So we sat down and watched the Whatcom Chief being beaten up by high winds and very large waves.  After a nice meal we made a stop in at the Islander to check if anyone had reported what was going on with that line down in our neighborhood.

Turns out it was a communication line and not power, so we were clear to head home. We pulled up and I looked over into the garden.  I had been concerned that all these gusts would blow the cover off of my green house, but no.  She held through 90 mile gusts!  

A peek into the greenhouse and everything is
doing fine! Looks like we will be having fresh 
organic garden lettuce for Thanksgiving

We stoked the fire, started the genny and broke out the dominoes!  All in all it turns out we had a great night.  It's funny how a little change like the cable/power going out can turn into such a lovely evening spent together.

Dem Bones!  I got whooped at the game, 
but we had so much fun playing.  
No TV, no computer, just good company 
and a little background music!.  
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