Monday, November 09, 2009

Please Don't Crop Your Pitties Ears

I'm writing this post in response to a search link that came to my page.  The searcher was apparently looking for information on cutting the ears of their pitbull dog.  Somehow, because I'd mentioned cutting (as in cutting your tshirts for yarn) and pitbulls (as in I LOVE my pitbull Echo) and ears (as in ears of corn for freezing), this search was directed to my blog.  Weird how the internet works sometimes.

If you're trying to get a "tough" look by clipping your
pitbulls ears don't bother, they look tough enough all natural!

Anyway, I just wanted to state for the record, that dogs should keep their ears!  There really is no good reason for cropping your pitbulls ears. It's strictly for cosmetic reasons and even after cropping and taping the ears may or may not stand up.

My dog has his natural ears.  He's about 5 years old now and I can't imagine him without his cute ears.  They show so much of his expression and are a key in communication!

Those cute ears!  That's a lot of his expression.

If you still are going to have your dogs ears cropped, please have it done by a licensed veterinarian.  I've seen some photos of dogs who have had their ears cut by their owners with scissors.  This not only looks bad and painful for your pooch, but can lead to infection of the ears or worse!  In England cropping is even illegal and may be here if you attempt it in an inhumaine manner.

See the way his full ears highlight his look!

Of course this is all just my opinion, but I stand by it!!!  If you have questions whether to crop or not, please talk this over with your trusted vet and get educated about the risks in doing this procedure.

Buddies for life!

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