Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally got some new bags in the online store!

I've been pressed lately.  The holidays are coming and there's always so much to get done!  The last few weeks I've been working on new bags to fill my empty storefront

I finished several last week, but before I could even get the photos up on the site, my mother came for a visit and bought out my entire inventory. It's wonderful that she purchased what I had on hand, but I still needed to get some bags made for the online store.

Today's the day!  I'm feeling great about the 2 new bags that I've completed.  I've been working on a new design on these ones and they turned out great! 

Brown Bettyadd_to_cart.gif view_cart.gif

Blueberry Muffinadd_to_cart.gif view_cart.gif

I'm working on a couple more new bags with a different overall design.  I hope to finish tomorrow and get them uploaded to the store too.

I love what I do! started out as a way for me to use up the bags I had accumulated, and has grown from my kitchen into a multiple family recycler.  From these humble beginnings it's become an international influence for recycling of plastic shopping bags!

If you ever feel overwhelmed like you can't make a dent in the problems of the world, think of me in my kitchen, crochet hook in hand.  It's really true, when we each do our small part we can change the big picture!!!

Enjoy the new bags and keep your eye out for more to come!

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