Sunday, November 01, 2009

Echo the eco-dog and his sort of recycled sweater

Our dog Echo is one of those "tough" breeds.  He's a very friendly pitbull but with his low fat, high muscle build the cold weather has him shivering like crazy. That's not so tough! 

Now I'm not one to dress up my dog for the sake of fashion, but as the days get shorter and the mercury dips, I will put him in a nice warm sweater for safety and comfort.

To create that custom fit around the back end I simply dropped
two stitches in each of the last 3 or 4 rows

I'm calling this a sort of recycled sweater because I used yarn that I'd purchased from a thrift store along with some scraps from my yarn basket.

He's so proud of his new look!  You can see I made a button closure
on the strap on this side and the other side is attached

This is a really simple easy crochet project.  It's made entirely with a single crochet stitch, but it still looks great and will help keep Echo nice and warm all winter long!

The fit is perfect  and it doesn't hinder his activity at all.

Echo goes with us whenever possible.  This sweater will help him to stay
warm and cozy when he's waiting in the car while we run our errands.

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