Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planet Savers, We're doing it!

My kitchen table.  Here's where it all happens.  You can see boxes full
of plastic bags I've cut up to turn into new reusable FatBottomBags!

We're doing it!  We're saving the planet 1 bag at a time.  You, me and FatBottomBags are making a dent in the landfills and a differnce for the future.  We're keeping them off our beaches and roadsides and out of our oceans where they could have become part of the North Pacific Garbage Gyre

This morning, as I finished updating the online store with new bags for sale, I decided to do the math and was overjoyed to realize the we've kept over 4500 plastic bags out of the landfills! 

It couldn't have happened without you.  I'm so thankful for all of your moral support from fans who are following the progress online, for customers who've purchased bags, for contributors who donate bags (over 22 families now!), for friends who spread the word, and for exchange participants who've sent me colored bags.  You are the best!  You are the reason this little kitchen recycling program has been able to help save the planet 1 bag at a time.

Thanks you!

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