Friday, April 02, 2010

The April Fool or am I?

No good ever comes from a 2:37 am phone call.  That's why I didn't stir much when my cell phone rang in the middle of the  night.  I was tired and whoever was calling would call back at a decent hour if it was important.

Morning rolled around too early as usual.  With the alarm clock screaming at around 6:00 am,  I woke up with nothing on my my mind other than "I need coffee.  Must make coffee!" 

Then I remembered the phone call. 

Oh shoot!  I better check my phone and see who was calling long after the witching hour.

It's was every mothers worst nightmare.  That late night call from a child in trouble.  Listening to the voice mail I heard only a few key words from my son, Mom.... trouble...... cops..... jailhouse. 

Oh no!  What kind of trouble was my Daniel in? 

Crap! I should have gotten up when the phone rang.

No time to deal with it now.  Coffee must be made, time is short and we are on a non-flexible  schedule for the 7 o'clock ferry this morning! 

So I go about my routine of starting the car and getting us caffinated and getting ready to drop Ben at the boat.  On the drive, I realize it's April 1 and tell my sweetie happy anniversary.  That's when it hits me.  Daniel is pulling a prank on me!  Or is he?   My mommy senses are still tingling.  I better make sure it's a joke before I relax. 

We make it to the ferry landing and I see Ben off for his work day then move into the drivers seat anxious to get home to the internet to see if my precious son's name is really on the jail roster.  Remembering I can do all this from my phone, I put the car in park and begin my search. 

He must have been framed!
Hmmm... he's not showing up on the Kent RJC roster, but how often do they really update this thing?  Maybe there is a phone number?  Sure enough.  So I call in.  Nope, he's not there.  Well that's good, but the officer informs me that if he were picked up inside the city limits he wouldn't be in King County Jail and I would need to contact all the surrounding cities jails if I wanted to be sure.

Dang! This is gonna take a minute.   I better call  Victoria and let her know that I won't be able to make our planned yoga trip. 

Ok, so now what?  Maybe my sister, Heather can help me.  She's all the way in California, but she's smart, she'll know what to do!

After much discussion we conclude that yes, it has gotta be a joke!

Maybe we can turn this joke around and pull one on Daniel.  We decide to blow up Daniel's phone with calls, and wake him up as a payback, but no luck.  He's either home sleeping soundly in his bed with the ringer turned off or?????
Shoot!  Maybe he really is in the slammer!

Nothing more I can do from here. I head home and wait........ and wait.......... and wait some more!  Finally around 11 am and after leaving many more messages on the kids voice mail, I still hadn't heard anything.  I know, I'll call his girlfriend Sydney.  Maybe she knows something.

Sydney tells me she spoke with him around 11pm and he was working until 2 am.  Ok!  It must be a joke then.  The timing would be just right for a 2:30 am call right after his shift.  Just to be safe I ask Sydney to give him a call.  He'll answer the phone for her!

Ack!  She calls twice with no answer!  Ok, now I'm worried again.  I mean with the new baby and all Daniel always answers right away when she calls him. 

Time to check the jail rosters again.  Still nothing. Frick!  I can't do anything except wait and wonder.

I distract myself with some work and cut up bags like crazy for the next few hours.

Then finally around 1 pm I get a text from the comedian.  Yes Mom, it's a joke. 

The phone rings and all I hear is laughter.  Boy was he proud of himself for fooling old mom! 

Ok, I give.  Yes, you got me Daniel.  It was a good one, especially the 2 am touch!  What a trickster!
Me & the comedian
About 1/2 hour later, the phone rings again.  This time it goes like this:  Thanks Mom for calling all the jails.  Thanks Mom I love you!  Thanks Mom for checking on me even though you had a suspicion it was a joke. Thanks Mom!

Ah, the joys of motherhood!  Even when they're grown and have children of their own it's still quite a ride being someone's Mom! Especially someone like my Daniel!

So what would you have done?  Would you have assumed must be a joke?  Would you have jumped in the car and headed to the jail demanding to post bail on an inmate that wasn't there?  Would you have called a lawyer?  Would you have called your own Mom? 

I really did think it was a joke, but this motherhood thing had me over a barrel.  If I had just let it go I wouldn't have felt like a good mom.  Isn't it crazy how that mommy guilt works!

So that's my story! Looks like I'm the fool this year, or am I?  

P.S.  Better watch out Kiddo! Paybacks are coming! It may not be an April fool, but somewhere, sometime, when you're least expecting it, I'm gonna get you! And Kudos to you for the best April Fool's trick I've ever fallen victim to!


  1. OOoh Christi.
    I'm not a mama, but I have two teen nephews who I adore so much and if they had done this to me, April fools or not, I would have done exactly as you had.

    I'm of an age too, to remind them of 'the little boy who cried wolf too'. MMm told you i'm not a mama, so there is still a strict side to me. Warm wishes and glad to learn you son was safe and well.

  2. Oh man! Stories like these start to make me glad I'm not a mom, but then again, look at all the fun I miss out on! Good one Daniel, but I'd be looking over your shoulder for some good mom-style payback, that can be some of the worst! ;)

    Christi, it must make you feel good to know you raised such a clever son, and I see that grin of his - couldn't stay upset w/ him if you wanted I'd bet! :)

  3. Mangocheeks, I've been telling Daniel that "cried wolf" story since he was a wee little one with a HUGE imagination! Apparently he didn't listen. LOL!

    Kim, thanks! It is fun to have such a cleaver boy. He loves to joke around and I remember he went through a phase when he was into "scaring" me. He'd hide in closets, around corners etc and than jump out and "boo!" He got me with that one a lot of times!

    Thanks ladies for commenting. And yes, he's gonna get his mom style payback sometime.


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