Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mini-bag Madness!

Just like all of my FatBottomBags, each Mini-bag is a unique design

I haven't posted much about my bags on the blog lately, the main reason is that a lot of my bag making time has become garden time as the weather has warmed up.  Admittedly, I've been slacking on the crocheting, but I'm making up for that this week.

For those of you who don't know, I'm hosting a recycle exchange through my website.  In exchange for your donation of 60 colored bags I will send you 1 Mini-bag by FatBottomBags.  The response has been amazing and a little bit overwhelming too!  I'm so excited that so many of you are taking advantage of this offer to recycle your colored bags, but some weeks I've received 6-8 packages in the mail.  That's a lot of bags to recycle!  I love it though, even if I was a little bit behind up til now.

Yesterday I mailed out the 5 Mini-bags across the country and even 1 to Alberta Canada.  And today I wanted to show off these little beauties on my blog.  So here they are!

The students at Forest Hill CLC sent in 120 bags.

A second bag for the students

Monika requested hearts or flowers on her Mini-bag

I gave her both!  Here's the back side of the heart bag.

Lee in Alberta sent me loads of blue newspaper bags and I sent her this Mini-bag

This one is going to Jami who sent in 60 colored bags for recycling.
Here's how I used those shrink plastic tags I showed you how to make.  Cute huh?  Click this picture to learn to make your own recycled shrinkies.

So now I am almost caught up!  I have 2 more Mini-bags that I'll be mailing out today and a humongous box of colored bags that need a Mini-bag made.  


  1. Very nice - I love the bag tags too from the shrink plastic!! Jane xx

  2. Christi.
    Such a grand way of recycling and swapping. I need to check out your shop.

    I've missed out on reading some of your entries, but I won't do so now as I have decided to create in my side bar a section for 'Green Thoughts'. That way I will know when you've posted. I think you have a wonderful blog and more people should know about it and your wonderful creations.


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