Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Finds

We're back with Friday Finds where I'm sharing fun, interesting and informative things I've found this week on the web.

Thread Banger has some of the best how to videos that I've found on the web!   Here's a great one for making a dress from Tshirts.  It's even got pockets!

Here's another re purpose T project for turning your old Ts into new halter tops.  Come on sunshine!:

Bicyclists, how about an upcycle wallet from one of your old innertubes?  Instructables will show you how!

Need a heavy duty bag.  Why not try upcycling some old jeans for this denim tote from Crafting a Green World

A quick n easy upcycle for plastic bags:  Make a fused plastic drink coaster from Cut Out And Keep

Oh I like this one!  Make some cushy spa slippers by upcycling an old pair of flip flops (We called those thongs when I growing up)  and an old bath towel  Crafty Nest will take you through each step!

Photo: Kayte Terry
This is one for you if your more mechanical.  You can make quite a beautiful lamp from a cd spindle.  (I'll have to see if I can convince Ben to help me with this project.

How about turning those colorful magazines that you've got stashed for a future project into useful and pretty boxes.  Abstract Octopus takes you through a step by step tutorial to make your own!

Are you a bibliophile?  Why not repurpose an interesting hardback book into a handbag.  Curbly shows you how:

Wow!  I'm absolutely fascinated by this.  Did you know could build a solar heater with aluminum cans and a few other items?  Me either, but I found this while surfing this week. If 10 year old, Rashel Cortez can do it, then it can't be too difficult!  Check this out.  Could be the answer for an outbuilding, green house or shed.  I'm thinking if my studio were heated with something like this I may even venture up there in the winter months.

Well that's all I've got for you today.  Enjoy these crafty and useful ways to get a second use from everyday items.  Drop me a line if you have some sites you'd like to share in a future Friday Finds post.  I'm looking for your DIY tutorials for green projects and upcycle crafts.  Just click on my photo below for email.


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