Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More about the WMMSN

With so much grey whale activity happening around the Puget Sound the last week or so, it's no surprise that the members of the WMMSN were quickly geared up and ready to go when called in to assist with a grey whale stranded at Samish Island.

The Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network is made up of individual volunteers who share a love and concern for marine mammals. Each volunteer completes training in species identification, recognizing and documenting injuries and illnesses, data collection, establishing safe perimeter and much more.

Whether the animal is dead or alive, each and every stranding is documented and added to a national data base that is accessible by scientists and researches.  The information gathered by stranding networks in coastal areas is important for many research projects. 

I am just thrilled to be a part of such a fantastic and dedicated group of volunteers.  Our group includes naturalists, marine biologists, wildlife lovers, retirees, homemakers, and students.  Each individual adds different strengths and perspectives to make for a well rounded group.

If you share an interest in marine mammals and live in Whatcom County, WA, why not join up as a volunteer?  I'm so happy that I did! 

Maybe you live outside of the area, but would still like to support the efforts of the WMMSN?  Stop over at the website and get your WMMSN T-shirt!  The money we're raising supports our efforts for strandings like this grey whale.
Isn't the front of the T-shirt adorable? It's walking whales!

The back of the T-shirt is a print of the WMMSN Logo

And if you want more information on the grey whale from Samish Island, jump over to the WMMSN website.  There are photos from yesterdays stranding response up for your viewing.  You may be surprised to see how many boats and people it takes to move an adult grey whale off the beach!

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