Saturday, April 10, 2010

News and happenings at FatBottomBags

I know, it's the weekend. I should be taking the day off. Because I took some down time this week to visit with my lovely family at the cabin,  I thought I'd go ahead and take today to catch up on a few of my online tasks.

I've been busy giving the old website an update.  I've kept the layout that you're familiar with, but I spruced up a few pages and edited some of the photos and verbage.  It seems as though every time I read "our story" I find a little finer or better way to tell it. 

Some new bags available now!
I'm also very pleased to announce a new batch of bags in the online store too!  Here's a photo showing a few of the new ones.  To see the complete set of new bags please  visit the store.  Remember each and every FatBottomBag is unique and lovingly handcrafted by me from recycled plastic bags. Two may be similar, but not identical, so if you see one that you simply adore be sure to get it because it's a one of a kind!

In my last blog post I was lamenting the loss of a friendship. Today I'm re-focusing on the wonderful friends that I have in my online and real life. I've added some of my new green buddies to the Friends page.  These are other folks who are working to make a greener planet. Be sure to check out their great green websites, blogs, shops and groups. If you have a eco-friendly online endeavor and would like to be included in this free promotions page, there's info posted there for you too!

Oh and I received a new batch of bags for the recycling exchange this week.  Lot's of lovely colors for future FatBottomBags. If you are saving your colored plastic bags  for me to  save the planet and receive your own free Mini-bag, thank you!  Please take a minute to read through the requirements and best shipping methods over on the website before sending them off.  Also, if you are wondering where to find colored plastic bags, you may want to take a look at the discussions over on the FatBottomBags fan page on Facebook. Myself and members have begun keeping a list of stores and bag colors.

That's about all I have to report from FatBottomBags for now.  Hope you all are having a lovely weekend and taking a day off!  Now I'm off to play in my garden for a little bit!


  1. It was a beautiful day in MD to be in the garden...hope you also had a good garden day.

  2. Thank you Pat! I did enjoy my time out playing in the dirt :0)


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