Saturday, April 03, 2010

Silent Saturday (and Sunday this week)

Happy Easter Everyone!  I'll be taking the next few days as a break from my blog to enjoy some family time.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  Here's a few photos with a spring theme for you to enjoy!

Oh and if you missed it, be sure to read Friday's post about April Fools Day.  My son got me so good, it's a great post and I know you'll get a kick out of it

Every gardener hates to see these coming up, but it is a sure sign of spring.

These azaleas are so pretty and early bloomers each year 

A pretty start to the bloom on this naturalized geranium

These fern fronds pop up and unfurl themselves within a few days time

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  1. Happy Easter, Christi! Lovely photos, and I hope you enjoy your day w/ the trickster! ;)


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