Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Planet Saver

Earth day is coming!  April 22, 2010 will be the 40th celebration of Earth Day.  A day when regular people across the globe come together and celebrate the one thing that we all share and none of us can live without..... the earth!

What will you be doing differently this Thursday in celebration of Earth Day?


  1. Ah EArth day is my wedding anniversary and the day before my birthday hah so I will be in our smaller island jhiking in the little nature God gave us and embracing earth :)

  2. Hope you don't mind that I sent a Kreativ Blogger award to you on my blogspot.


  3. Melissa, you have a lot to celebrate that day! Happy Birth-earth-versery! Your plan sounds like a lovely way to celebrate!

    Tammy, I don't mind at all! Thanks for such an honor and look for the handoff in an upcoming post!


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