Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creating a trellis for a potted climbing vine

I purchased a new Jasmine plant this week.  Oh it's so wonderful with all the beautiful fragrant blooms and it should bring the hummingbirds and bees in for a closer inspection too.

I made a quick climbing trellis for my sweet little vine using some bamboo from my garden.  I started with 2 fairly straight bamboo stalks and cut them to size.  Then I cut 4 or 5 cross bars from another stalk.  With a little wire and patience I formed a small ladder for my Jasmine to vine around. 

And speaking of humming birds, they are back.  Time to wash the feeders and make a fresh batch of nectar.

For more info on hummingbirds and their habits check out hummingbirdworld.com

Here's a video of hummingbirds I filmed in my backyard last year

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