Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where's Christi?

In the garden of course!  I have to apologize for my sporatic blogging as of late.  Spring is here and I've been out working in the garden every chance I get.  I love it, but there's tons of work to be done at the beginning of each garden season and it has consumed all of my free time.

I've been cutting fern fronds again!  Took out 3
wheelbarrows full from the sloped flower beds

I'm not sure how many ferns are on the property, but it's a lot.  Each year in the early spring, I like to trim back last years fronds.  This not only makes them look nicer (I think) but it allows the soil around the ferns to warm up with the sunshine.  That gives my flowers and seeds a chance to soak up some early spring sun and get growing!

Just in time for St. Patricks day, my
shamrocks are starting to blossom

These Ajugas are getting ready to bloom too!  Once they
 bloom, I'll divide them and spread themto other spots
in the garden in need of colorful ground cover.

These pretty pink azaleas are popping off!

Along with fern pruning, it's time for pruning  back the bushes and trees too.  I've filled up the burn pile with trimmings and brush.  I even gave the bamboo a hard prune to clear out the dead shoots in the center.  It's looking pretty sparse right now, but now that the dead stuff has been removed, it should fill in nicely with new growth!

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