Sunday, March 14, 2010

Master Mind!

Thanks you Melissa at The Lotus Pages for honoring me with this prestigious award!  I'm so happy to have friendship with another islander who is making her life and surroundings greener!  Although I will say, I may be a tad bit jealous of your island climate!  Great work Melissa!
Can you just imagine life on the Mediterranean Sea?  Lovely!  

I'm no master of karate, but why you wanna be so violent anyway?  Lol!  So here's how this one works: List 6 things you are a master in and pass it to 6 other bloggers....

Here goes!
  1. I am a master recycler!  I sort and divide all of my trash into what can be recycled.  I recycle my food waste into compost for my garden and anything that can't go in the curbside recycling is sorted to take to the recycle center (propane tanks, batteries, garden pots etc). And of course I recycle plastic bags into FatBottomBags!
  2. I am a master green thumb!  With few exceptions, I can grow anything!  I've grown pineapples from the tops of a grocery store fruit, apples from seeds in my lunch, oranges, grapefruits and avacados all from my kitchen!  I grow veggies, herbs and beautiful flowers along with about 100 houseplants!
  3. I am a master cook!  I love to cook up new dishes using new fresh organic ingredients.  I rarely use a recipe, instead I prefer to cook up fantastic meals on the fly and let my imagination and taste buds guide me.
  4. I am a master of organization, sometimes.  :0)  I'm one of those people who follows the idea "a place for everything and everything in it's place" so I like to be well organized in my home, my purse, my car, my garden.  There is however an exception to this.  When I get busy I tend to just make stacks, then at a later date I will sort the stacks and organize them.
  5. I'm a master worm wrangler.  Silly?  Not really!  My little worms from the compost bin are so well fed and cared for.  I give them everything they need to live a healthy existance in the worm bin and they give me nutrient rich organic soil amendment!  What a great trade.
  6. And finally, I'm a master agate hunter!  (or maybe I'm just lucky).  I love to walk the beach in search of these clear little gems and 9 out of 10 walks I find a couple of them!
And here's 6 great bloggers who I want to pass this award on to for their friendship and mastery!

  1.  20 to Life She's a master of chaos with her busy family!
  2. 365 Cat Ladies She's a master of watercolor kitties for sure!
  3. Babes in Hairland She's a hair master!
  4. Losing Our Shirts, Keeping the Farm She's mastering rural living!
  5. Trash To Treasure She's mastering creative reuse!
  6. Watchful Eyes, Thoughtful Mind She's a master of green technologies!


  1. This is by far the COOLEST looking award EVER!!
    I posted and kudosed you chica :D
    I cannot get the kung fu fighting song out of my head. You RULE!!
    Joe :D

  2. I know Joe, isn't it awesome! I love it too. Thanks for keeping it flowing to some other master bloggers!


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