Thursday, March 04, 2010

Friday Finds

Friday Finds is an idea I had to bring you some of the fun, interesting and exciting things that I come across throughout the week while surfing the web.
This week I've been looking at a lot of sites with recycle crafts hoping to find some new uses for items that might otherwise wind up in the trash, so for this first installment of Friday Finds I thought I'd show you some recycle themed projects that I've found in my never ending web adventure.

Here's a creative way to reuse / recycle bottle caps to make a cute charm bracelet like the one above.  Over at Go Make Something you can learn how!

How about something to make with those hard to recycle plastic bottle caps.  I found this pincushion tutorial over at My Little Mochi  

Are you a seamstress?  Do you refashion old items into new fashions?  Like me you may have looked at purchasing one of those *very* expensive dress forms and thought, wow, if only it wasn't so spendy!  Well Cut Out and Keep has a great solution to make your own CUSTOM dress form.  this is a 2 person project, so grab a crafty friend and make one for each of you.

The Storque Etsy's Handmade Blog shows us how to make this adorable little chipmunk toy by recycling a glove.  I'm thinking of trying a couple of these one for my granddaughter and another for my dog Echo the eco dog!

And we can't leave out one for the kitty cats.  Design Sponge has made an easy cardboard scratcher for her pretty kitty and you can make one too!

Ok this is my favorite one for making grocery bags so far!  Wisdom of the Moon teaches us to turn a repurposed sheet into enough reusable bags to bring home all of your groceries!  This one requires only very basic sewing skills, so no more excuses for plastic shopping bags!

Here's another craft you can do with those plastic bags you have collected in your kitchen. Lucky Ladybird Craft Blog instructs us all how we can repurpose them into baskets for decoration and storage

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