Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life's a beach

It's good to take time out and enjoy a break at the beach.  Where I live, I'm in the shadow of Lummi Mountain, so even on a nice day, the sunshine only lasts in my yard until afternoon.  That's why we are so happy to have friends over on the "sunny side" of the island.  That way we can chase the sunshine!

Here's some photos from our latest trip to the beach to run the dogs and watch the sunset with our good friends Mark and Aubrei and their pooch Onyx.

Wet Feet! Those rubber boots couldn't keep the "big wave" out.

Ben finally can find real agates!  No more sugar agates!

Mark even found an agate! 

Onyx loving the beach

Brr!  You just can't keep Echo out of the water!

He's cold and regretting that swim now!

Normally Ben is the first one ready to leave the beach, but now that he's mastered agate hunting, he was way down the beach when we were ready to leave.  Echo on the other hand never wants to leave the beach, but this time he was so cold that he took off without us to wait at the car!  When you live on an island, life's a beach.

P.S.  Wow!  I received another Sunshine Award!  Thank you Threads Of Magique

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