Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dinner Garden

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs, Losing Our Shirts, Keeping the Farm when I came across a great program for gardeners.  It's called Dinner Garden and they are based out of San Antonio Texas. 

At Dinner Garden, their mission is to end hunger through gardening. They offer free vegetable seeds to anyone in the US who wants to grow a garden for food.  WOW!  That's a great program!

So I sent in my request for free seeds to see how the program works.  I received them a short time later in my mailbox.  In my packet I received 12 individual seed packets.  Each one contains enough seeds for 1 small row in my garden.  Awesome!

My packet included open pollinated varieties of:
mustard greens, red cabbage, snowball cauliflower,
daikon radish, arugula, onion seeds, wando peas,
bloomdale spinach, harris early model parsnips,
fenugreek, fordhook giant swiss chard, 
and blue curled scotch kale

What a great way to help end hunger! 

I'll be growing all of these seeds in my organic garden this year and donating 1/2 to my local food bank.  Another great thing about these seeds is that they are all open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties.  This means I can save your own seeds too!  And those seeds that I save I plan to share with my local gardening friends and the Dinner Garden program for next years seed packets! 

If you would like free seeds, or would like to make a donation of seeds or funds to the Dinner Garden program, jump over to their website at  According to their donation page, even a small amount of $1.76 can provide 10 different types of seeds for 1 family, or give them your morning coffee stop, $5.00 donation will allow a family of 7 to grow enough produce for an entire year. 

I love that this program has a give and take option.  You can give by donating cash or seeds and you take by getting some of those free seeds for your own garden too!  That's smart administrating!  Way to go Dinner Garden!

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