Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's growing on Wednesday

We had some nice sunny days this weekend, so of course it was back to the garden.  If you've been reading along my gardening journey this year, you know I've planted all the beds already this year.  That could be a problem!  Well no problem here, my wonderful other half, Ben made an extension to the garden area and got the deer fencing up too!

The hard work is driving the metal posts in to our rocky ground.Once he got those in then he added wooden studs to support the fence high enough to keep out any determined jumping deer, then he added the netting and tied it into the fence between our house and the neighbors. This almost doubles our planting area!

As for me, I started on a few random garden chores. I trans planted some oregano into movable pots.  I'll use these as bee attractors and move them around to whatever plant I have in flower.  I planted a few pots of bulbs to add some beauty to the garden while bringing the pollinators in too.  One is a beautiful purple daylilly that I thought was unique, another is a pot full of hardy gladiolas.  The box said they are deer resistant, but I'm not taking any chances!  They will add some pretty color in the veggie patch too where they will be safely fenced away from hungry deer.

I pulled out my dahlia pots from last years spot.  I figured they were probably dead from freezing over the winter.  I had meant to pull them out and store them inside, but just never got around to it.  As I started pulling out what I thought would be dead tubers, I was surprised to find that most of them were actually still firm and viable!  Hooray!  So instead of recycling the soil and pots, I just moved them into a sunny spot and added a tomato cage to the pot.  The cages work quite well as support for these bushy beauties.

I was in and out of the garden shed  throughout the morning and saw lots of birds munching away on my homemade suet cakes.  I was able to snap a nice photo of one little chickadee, but when the Northern Flicker was eating, he got sight of me and flew off before I could get the camera out.

This gardening hobby is a lot of work, but that's ok by me.  I enjoy it so much and the added bonus is I'm getting a lot more exercise.  I even had to tighten up my belt the other day!

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