Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Simple Steps Planet Saver

Beautiful and majestic, trees are an important part of a healthy eco-system. Have you ever wondered how trees are helping with offsetting Carbon in our atmosphere?  Well here's an illustration from US Environmental Protection Agency that can help explain the process.

So this week for a Sunday Simple Step, how about planting a tree? 

Maybe there's a spot in your back yard where you need a little shade, or at your summer cabin.  Are you a renter?  Don't worry there are ways you can plant trees too.  Check with your county extension office for programs that are planting in parks, along rivers and streams and even in urban areas.  Or if you're too busy, or unable, maybe you can support a local group that is working to plant trees in your area.

Why not take the whole family and spend a day enjoying the outdoors and helping your eco-system.  I did!  About 10 years back I stumbled on a group that was working to restore a creek bed in a  private cemetery here in Whatcom County.  This area had been clear cut many years before, right up the the banks of the stream that meandered through the property. 

It was a fun day working with a group of about 15 volunteers we replanted all along the stream with native shrubs and trees.  It didn't take long when we shared the work load and afterwards we enjoyed a potluck luncheon with story sharing and good times. 

The trees we planted were quite small at the time, seedlings really.  The group was able to obtain the seedlings from the county extension office for little or no charge as part of a salmon spawning beds rehabilitation program. 

Now, years later, those little seedlings are developing into a beautiful array of native trees and shrubs that are doing a multitude of duties like helping restore habitat for salmon and other fishes, wildlife, beautification of the area, and as the trees mature they are capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and giving back life giving oxygen.

So get out and be a tree hugger or just a tree planter.  Just like Johnny Appleseed, your contribution will be a legacy of love even long after your gone.


  1. I like this tip! I planted an apple tree a couple weeks ago and have been hankering for more fruit trees in the backyard, but I don't want it to get crowded.

    The Nisqually flood plain received a few acres of trees last spring. I assume to hold down the dirt and extend the treeline to avoid a mess in the future. It's going to look great!

  2. In Malta the government has this scheme called 34U where for like Eur 11 you can buy a tree and he will plant it at a public space of your choice to make Malta greener..I love it!

  3. What a lovely addition to the yard Newlywed! Have you considered planting dwarf and espailer varieties of fruit trees to maximze your harvest while keeping your yard space? I love watching newly planted tree areas start to mature into little groves like what they have going in Nisqually.

    Melissa, that's a great green program! How neat to choose where it will be planted. You could choose a favorite park and then go "visit" your tree :0)


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